A situation revolves around an incident of revenge at Junior level in the playground. Where there was no personal involvement for the initiation of the playground conflict 1966. There no explanation why the incident had taken place and was on the sole actions of the individual of whom there was awareness.

The counter attacks planned after episodes of dangerous medication prescription at two levels.
1). Winston Churchill Highway 19  (by Mr Mo__)* 2001
2a). Calling CRISIS for the hospitalisation relating to the same incident and not one concocted (Mr Mo________G___)
2b). A trip from Coventry to Leicester at night on the National Express where the bus going to Bradford had indicated it was stopping at the Leicester station St Margarets. Upon boarding the bus no fare was asked for and in fact had indicated to the contrary as it was an unusual time I had thought and would be asked in any case. Upon the progression of the journey, the driver said he was only going to LFE service station where I was let off without the requesting money and thought maybe I shouldn’t pay if it was a partial journey. I had then waited for the local buses to start up before I could return to home.
I was later that day taken to hospital in a police van where I was held for months and months at a time on both occasions (The source appears to be similar and there is strong association of pain infliction rather than an illness where Dr Bradford had done nothing for my emergency visits to the hospital in Canada). Dr Bradford had many many occasions where the subject was seen.
This is the only relevant piece of information that can be provided which there had been no defence by any attorney. The attorney appeared redundant in all cases. Dating back to 2004.
I am clean of any disorders of any kind except those unlawfully and medically afflicted.

The revenge is calculated infringement after decades of planning.

The solicitors in all cases failed to act in a meaningful way. Currently during a routine appointment distancing oneself in anticipation of further trouble where the same thing may repeat itself and for the same cause as before.

There is no knowledge if the same person is actively causing issues for the authorities in a way implicates others. I cannot answer to any response since it appears to be a deliberate assertion and groundless. I do not have any history of the type of any impaired imposed behaviours.

This is to brief any future attornies

So you want to colonise another planet with a telescope?

What if alien Kardashev Scale of IV is discovered somewhat with higher intelligence where the human species is merely I. It matters then.

Shashi Tharoor

Karolina Goswami

Anja Manuel

India the superpower in the foreseeable future.

India US accord

How do you feel about US army leaving Afghanistan?

Brooke Baldwin -Indians in India do understand foreign media in English, would you believe!? Brooke would feel the same about that man. Good show Anja lets be critical of US also.

Christine Fair exposes Pak State completely.

Focus on being politically correct please! The hypocrisy, contradictions pertaining to human suffering!

First audience in Coventry was a presentation on the planet Mars in our Solar System.

Resume includes the Spacemaker after shortly which the first exoplanet was discovered.

The dumping of cheap steel into Canada from US. Perhaps we should look at some practices in US such as civil rights!

Owned a Taurus while in the Americas. Not many individuals globally can aspire to such a gift of ownership.

I would most certainly have had not any reservations about Anja except the information gets into the wrong hands yes in US also. The choice of video helps you know the one no one likes. I guess the interviewer can dress and have his owner character good or bad. This is in private for sure but not in public. So forgive me for my shock in you for allowing such grotesque contribution to your presentation. It sometimes clear women do a better job in promoting a good message. If you are confused about what I mean watch MacKenzie on reparations. Yes there are individuals like that. I have never been so entertained. So I promote this blog!

The poverty stricken Indian uses 500 times less worlds resources and causes less pollution in the process than an average American.

Global international relations 

The man was asked numerous times at a high level normally on the occasions a job interview. Why had you come to Canada and what do you think of Canada? The man’s perception and I guess if anyone from another country is that Canada is relatively pollution free however when having settled there the answer appeared to be, sorry we have already polluted the environment including the lakes. The interest of how someone feels about a country is an important genuine interest to anyone.
Relative to the perception the west is an open society especially the north Americas Canada inclusive the following were observed in general policy of Canada and therefore some aspects of America. The underlined facts contribute to friction to society and community and ultimately a hinderance in human evolve in society. In the the late part of 1995 the OJ Simpson case and genetic coding and the link to the man’s home town of Leicester was more of an issue than was employment and the man suffered losses when own money was used to pay for mortgage and running costs of an executive house. The paralysis of the nation where all attention is for a court case. The referendum on Quebec in the same year was formidable social changes that were taking place not only in Canada and also America. It is not hard to understand the consequences of a biological discovery and is importance in application to society and criminal cases. The underlaying situation may also have been discovery of an exo-planet that year. That year I had obtained work but on a government assisted program where payment was based upon a percentage of your previous income with a possibility of employment with the company either at the end or during the course of the 12 month scheme. For reasons unknown and for sure not for any mental condition since it is well understood what constitutes psychosis. It is well also understood during that era at a high level there was support for Pakistan. The aspect of what transpired in Canada together with the physical health appeared to be a sadistic in nature since it was later discovered many years of excruciating pain could have been prevented by well known medicines. The combined effects was for sure an assault on a citizen.
It is clear you have to self empathy and to emphatic to others as an absence of such is human deprivation with absence of compassion.
Economic Growth in the West?

Bank Corruption
A man assists his grandparents to open a new bank account. They deposits funds into the account. Sometime later the bank calls the man and says that the funds had not been deposited and there is no record of the money. It can be perceived by any logic that can be seen as something extraordinary as it had been witnessed by the man.

Health Service
Meanwhile the public health establishment is administering medication for which the man had not solicited from the GP. A new class of drug with limited side effects. Of course trust in the medical practice is paramount as it should be and the man felt it is not such an issue that can in any be dangerous.
This had happened in a western country Canada in suburbs of Toronto.
The medication administered caused serious side effects with a permanent disability.

The normal legal routes for justice for the injuries had been exhausted.
The disability and side effects of caused family relationship friction and resulting in divorces.

Man’s Integrity
The character of the individual and past history does not reflect the medical reports. Where the man is educated owning his own home and successfully raising a family. There had been no criminal record to justify medical treatment of the type.

Medical Accident and no accountability

The disability resulted in an assault by the in-laws at the mans house where the police answering the 911 call arrested the man and indefinitely wanted to keep the man in jail since no bail arrangements could be made.
When a hearing was established the condition was you had to plead guilty to be released. This had happened and the man returned to UK where his grandmother was critically ill and on several occasions return journeys were made to Canada. The police would without provocation in a group would cause injury like a fractured bone where wanting to shop for a tree with an opposition from wife would result in an arrest and at considerable expense be released from jail and of course the man then moved and remained in UK.
The seriousness of the interventions by the police, bank and health service into say a possible domestic family situation is not an issue simply because of the magnitude in proportion and how heavy the reaction was by those authorities.
That aggressive reaction had materialised during the onset of the disability where medical accessibility was denied because of time in jail where medical care in jail was minimal and not to suited to the medical condition of the man.

The disability
It had been confirmed the disability was neurologically induced and could only have been the prescribed medication. The man’s GP had indicated that there was some kind of denial without specifics.
The man had legally obtained landing documents and citizenship by passing immigration requirements and thus a measure of mental ability and was the breadwinner for the young family.

The health service in UK say it was a medical accident with no repercussions. That from medical malpractice case and subsequent complaint to college of surgeons of Ontario that no negligence was established. In the Asian community family situations are resolved within the community. There had been no resolve or contribution from in-laws throughout marriage of 25 years.
The motive of discriminatory behaviour through disability and a means in avoiding racial discrimination and have the same effect can only be the case as different bodies of the institution were involved. The situation was aggravated by the wife of the man with personal agendas surrounding the notion of an unhappy marriage. The demeanour of the wife the promoting possible domestic abuse. The vicious circle by the wife of friction and conflict making the racially motivated attack by the police a possibility. This can be confirmed as it in most cases this is the case when police gets involved. In most of the cases of the same police officer was involved including traffic situations. On one instance in regards to traffic there huge delay in the red lights and appeared to be faulty turning green and had not happened with no traffic around the man makes a left turn and immediately a cruiser appeared from a hiding spot to charge the man. Why would have a hidden police officer waiting for such an event and why had he not stayed in the open where he could be seen to prevent accident in a passive way.

The idea India was opening up from 1990 onwards where the man had migrated to Canada was obviously new ground for American Indian relations. Throughout my residency in Canada the 9/11 occurred and of course the idea of spying from the beginning (1990) there was and after 2001 a provocation into personal lives of families across Canada and the US for that matter became a global issue.

Throughout friction with authorities there was no seeing eye to eye even though there was better communication skills on the part of the man. The benefit of the doubt with authority which is why authorities are there had diminished. The initial arrest of the man in his own house was where there was no evidence of actual violence but the high adrenaline rush by the police of course under any circumstances would say there was even though the man was just holding a golf club with one end touching the ground. The high adrenaline in the police could only have been because of 9/11. The coincidence where the man was taking the prescribed medication that caused the disability was during the 9/11 and cannot be ignored. This is too much of a coincidence.

Where the continued take on by the health service was that it was medical accident to this day. The substantial amount of criminal activity associated with the above is that can be no closure and is on going case of justice. The realty is compounded by the virtue of real people being involved all be it there is a turnaround in personnel in those establishments.

The other cause of course can be jealousy (policy)of media of having favourites where a big screen tv promotes jealousy and hatred. A society backward in its perceived view of a country.

The living network

The current situation with Indian and American joint exercises promotes the Quebec GE and Pennsylvania and the PGE where the relationships were forged with the energy companies. The rest through to 2014 transpired based upon that relationship. As India is reaching out to the world and I do have professional American network where I am able to utilise such experience the growth of India and its development needs. This of course means with Quebec and Pennsylvania and GE. During the man’s career reinforced by multiple of two or more acquaintance with international companies such as Shell in 1993 can have an impact for future developments. The idea of addressing issues of development through manufacturing technological and the service industries require the raw material from mining to the consumer. In most cases it cannot be all be addressed even in one conference as the big picture requires network analysis. The safety net in the man’s proposition is the real people in the network that can have a positive contribution excluding those that have had a negative impact. This state outlines the basis of neglect by the negative input. Networks are should be perceived to be always positive where they are not as in cases of outlined. It is required they should be reprimanded. The man’s ability to be thick skinned as an attribute to his professional does mean those guilty of a criminal offence shall be accountable. Where injuries are in themselves terrorism in nature.
After the Quebec referendum and of course my network Canadian government placed the man in a Canadian company during 2001 the political aspect of the network are apparent.

The police officer under question had the same surname as one of early recollection of bullying where while queuing to enter a classroom in school the bully without provocation fisted the young man in face. That same individual had inserted a burning match into the back of the young man during a bonfire occasion thus developing the bullying syndrome. There is strong indication therefore to believe the same was going on later on in life and had little or nothing to do driving, domestic or any other offence.
The assumption wrongly is that there was memory loss or there was sufficient brain damage to reappear and continue bullying at that level. The medical injuries inflicted clearly has a source and a motive. The world is no longer so big that you hide. The scenario of the CIBC as discussed, entailing the tallest building in the Toronto skyline and the medical injury cannot be ignored.

The attribute of an individual having thick skin means you don’t call the cops for everything and anything but to compile evidence and report to the relevant authorities in an appropriate way.

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Systems and Network

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CIBC and Shell response required.

The man possesses expertise in industrial engineering mathematical modelling, quality and IT. Such that motives and the intents can be established with intellectual assumptions based upon techniques derived from the technical experience base.

As such when the CIBC had acted on stealing money from a newly opened bank account why was that how it had taken place. Fits of its bank is an institution or an establishment. The reference of imperial and an association with the title imperial oil where the man had spend a month in the design department. Either through spying or through illegal communication between the two institutions a phantom response to either establish a relationship between the two through the man or to simply extort money from a citizen. The criminal activity it is to extort money and if the former is true then of course both cases are an on going current and live phenomenon. The closure had to be by the initiator or there should be accountability. Shell and the CIBC are required to respond without further implications to the man. Even institutions are not and should not be acting against its own interests. I can understand and accept intellectual response.

The ‘Big Picture’ or nothing at all!

Long awaited rise of India.

for the question of the chicken and the egg. A time in everyone’s life to apply the popular theme everyone get to know the meaning of. Mine is as follows. Christine Aguilera or my X GP from Malton Medical Centre. The theme of lacking originality in treatment and reporting.

The Big Picture Analogy

The ‘big picture analogy’ can be applied to a dictorial state where a democracy is able to cater for such an analogy with secularism etc. And where such attributes of a democracy are unheard of in dictorial state.

Sept 11

9/11 in a nutshell should a situation of anarchy be reversed and the population realises this the case such reaction as  in Manhatten can prevail. This is to my mind or anyone’s with any level of education  can only be the reason for such an event. An example of such is when a bank steals money from a bank account.



For the avoidance of military conflict India is large enough to implement federal control of its nation.

To say India has no safeguards for a military escalation the total assertion of all its elements of government in politics and democracy is continued returic of the west. Ignoring ideologies such as democracy and population in relation to humanity and resources and Indian contribution in mathematics when the Europeans were Neanderthal according to human migration. The world of English countries no attempts have been made make it universal. The English language should  accommodate all cultures speaking the language such there is hypocrisy there should be efforts made to ensure there are no contradictions because the limitations of the language promotes prematurity to global progress. For the avoidance of military conflict India is large enough to implement federal control of its nation and hence have a valid relationship bilateral unilateral and multilateral relationships with global communities.

Levi’s Strauss

Investment Strategies That truly Make You Money

Emerging financial markets like India, China and now Russia have already realized this secret and are loading up on gold like never ever in the past. As an American, you can still reach your financial dream of living a tranquil and rich retirement. Additionally, you can still be rich in the middle of devaluation, stock market crashes and dollar debasement.

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gold ira rules

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Silver Investing Formula – Monetary Inflation Times The Gold To Silver Price Ratio Cubed

Kathy had one dream. Throughout the day she worked as a Paralegal and she was doing ok. However right here as she looked down at Lake Tahoe from her 17th story she felt all giddy with enjoyment. Tonight she would have the possibility to see if individuals would make fun of her jokes. This early morning she had worked with a professional author to see what he believed, assisted her fine-tune her lines here and there. There would be a full house and she would be one of the comedians. A dream come real! , if only for one night.. She would see how it goes. Possibly this would be the very first day of a great brand-new adventure, a new chapter in her life. Or maybe she would discover that being a Paralegal was alright after all.

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Right here’s the issue as I see it. Frankly, the silver market is incredibly small. It’s estimated that only about 600,000,000 ounces of silver are produced yearly. That may seem like a lot, but I want you to consider two important points.

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Making A Greenhouse

There are three distinct varieties of “foreclosures” in Hillcrest when it involves getting foreclosures and it’s critical to comprehend the variation to have in finding the right property for you personally the many success. While in the couple weeks before finishes, you only possess a short period of time to really get your plants commenced. This movie will be the to begin two I made to explain to you how a Mini-Greenhouse was constructed by me. Learned the difficult way.)The plastic they’re created from are really rigorous and certainly will become a challenge to utilize.

The guidance that is very best is always to visit a qualified firm that’ll offer you the ideal advice on all greenhouse related info. I have never experienced a greenhouse before, but I’m thinking of purchasing a quite old (30 yr old) delapidated material glass residence (6′ x 4′) really inexpensive. We’re now in JanuaryI start seeding my very own tomatoes vegetables within my house that is green that is unheated it’s been a winter that is very gentle. How can my planet be kept by me on the ground of greenhouse fertile and wholesome and never have annually, to change it – too hard voor a girl of 74. The answer is that you ought to obtain a little more daring using what you grow within your greenhouse.

Particular fumes inside our atmosphere (called “track” fumes simply because they make up just a tiny fraction of the environment) can digest this outgoing infrared emission, in place capturing heat power.

There’s an abundant quantity of DIY Plans available nowadays as you are able to select from. industrial greenhouses;, have now been used for years and may be to keeping your crops living during the cooler months necessary. A lot of people miss farming while in the winter and delay until springtime to begin within their greenhouses, but you do not must wait until springtime before starting by growing blooms and cooler vegetation in the winter. There are, obviously, some disadvantages to greenhouse garden, purchasing a special winter greenhouse might or might not be worth the expenditure for your requirements, and may be expensive.

These usually are little plastic pots that hold several modest peat pots or peat pellets as seed starters, and the container includes a clear-plastic top that acts to put up inside the moisture while letting the light sparkle in. On some larger devices they may incorporate an easy electric heat component (ostensibly a opposition line that gets hot when plugged in) to keep the vegetables warm enough to emerge when relaxing over a windowsill while in the winter time.

Look for a superior business that will advise you on every feasible result in the event you purchase a greenhouse. If you are planning to seed and function vegetables for your summer season, it may be best to have a look at investing in a greenhouse as early as Jan inside the year.

It is notSince it aren’t shedding right down to kind anything new, you are locating new approaches to reuse and previous piece. It has been a simple way to begin your seeds and that I assumed I would go ahead and obtain a few of my broccoli started. If you have the area for it on your house a greenhouse is an excellent matter to buy if you want to garden I believe.

The last gain is that the blues can be cured by having an interior greenhouse to get ready for that spring planting or even to only involve some existing issue rising during the winter. My girl lives while in the Northeast and after increasing up in Texas, she has still not altered to longs for the early springtime and the lengthy winter. The two items that many people grow in greenhouses are cucumbers and tomatoes, while they mature quite horribly outside but well inside.