Total Quality Management Systems

General Engineering  Company (MEL)*1979

Rig Development and Assembly for Research into Alternative Fuels. Responsible for constructing a Multi-Faceted Rig.  Receiving Material for the Rig and ensuring it’s integrity. In-house manufacturing of many components.Working with many materials and also various machines such as the Lathe and the Radial Drilling Machine. The integration of Mechanical Engineering themes with applications in the global world and Market. Drafting unique parts for the Rig Assembly


Product manufacturing from raw material with the use of moldings and matrix incubator. The use of many hand and electric tools and initiative evolve to produce a quality product. Maintaining matrix consistency producing desired results of strength and beauty.  Various techniques  including Gel Coating, Integrating  Marble Effect and Screen Printing. Batch production and deadlines met for customer specifications. A complete workshop engagement with bought in items. Final Assembly and Shipping. Establishing the need for documentation for maintaining consistence in Quality.

Mining Tools *1985

Quality Control of In Shop Manufacturing using Induction Brazing and out sourcing of sandblasting and other processes and parts for a Final Product. Batch production of many different tools including inspections of Carbide Tips and Cutting Tools for customer requirements and specifications. Using Surface Table for the dimensional inspections of machined parts by machine operators including First Offs.  A destructive testing for batches and final inspections. BS 5750 1985 part 2. Drop Forging Approvals. Stock Maintenance. Metrology including in-house Calibration and Microscopic Examination.

Chemical Engineering *1987

Processing of mainly Aerospace Parts to close tolerances usually by the use of Electronic Thickness Measuring machines and the use of a Grand Granite Surface Table and Height Guages for Vertical Measurements. Complete processing in Chemi-Etching of various metals and Inconel with Material Reduction by Chemi- Etching to fine specifications. Final Inspections and preparation of Final Inspection Reports to AQAP 2 Systems for Aerospace customers including Boeing, Metrology.

Power Transmission and Switchgear *1989

Supplier Approval and the maintaining of an Approved Supplier listing. Quality Systems AQAP 2, BS 5750 1987 part 2. Auditing Internal and Suppliers, Induction training of new employees in Quality in a medium size organisation. Material Mill Certification approvals before release for Processing.

Emergency Power Shutdown Rig *1990

Stand alone 2 MW Power Generating Rig for Emergency Shut Down for a Nuclear facility. Quality Assurance and Total Quality Management.  AutoCad applications in the Electrical Design of High Amperage Direct Current Assembly. Introduction into Database and Assembly Parts. Metrology.

Filtration across Industry *1992

Filtration Units for various industries, Paper and Pulp, Photographic Processes for the use of Purification of the water for the Photo Development Purposes. Introduction to Spread Sheet and maintenance of In Shop Stock. Analysis of material types using Chemical Testing. Quality Control of Rolled Triangular Wire for Cylindrical Filters and Filter Units. Process Control with Inspection Input.

Computer Applications Specialist*1993

Primarily AutoCad applications in Engineering Facilities including Imperial Oil Canada and Subsidiary of GEC Alsthom. New Windows and the IBM 486 33MH. Word Processing, Spread Sheets and DataBase.

Seasonal and Roller Stamping *1993

Quality Supervision for Roller and Stamping processes for various products in the seasonal Industry and for use in Garden. Multi-Part assemblies of all manufactured parts for in-house and customers. Developing Process Control Sheets features for Machines and Machine Operators using IBM computers. Maintaining the integrity of the final product by various Quality and Inspection techniques such as auditing work and tool making and machine  stations. Drafting and Manual Writing for Complicated Assembly Products. First Offs on many machines producing unique parts.

Aerospace and Insulation *1996

Mainly Interior Insulation of Aircraft Fuselage and Cockpit. Kit delivery unique to customer requirements and Aircraft.  Relief of bottleneck in manufacturing and delivery date to customer. Onsite visits for In-Situ application and assembly of various Aircraft including Bombardier Global Jet and the Dash 8 series of Aircraft. Inspection of Insulation individual parts and Kits matching Aircraft Order.

Transport Industry *1998

The inspection of goods received processing and final inspection of product in the transport industry. Process and parts inspection at supplier facility to ensure specification match. Reject Material Returns. Supervision and Quality Training of Inspection Teams. Maintaining accounts for returned defective material to suppliers.

Non Destructive Testing *2001

Implementation of ISO 9002. Quality Manual and the maintaining of associated Procedures for a wide spread organisation across Canada maintaining Non Destructive Ideology for Industrial sector. Internal Audits to requirements and international specifications.

Same and other Sectors of Industry and Service*1967-2004

Food and Mill and Rice distribution – Distribution Center for a large Pharmacy Chain – Final Inspection of Automobile for Chrysler – Conduit Electrical Wire Assembly in a warehouse – Security at various Multinational Organisations – Quality Control and Batch Control using Destructive Testing in a Propane Gas Cylinders – Specimen making and Tensile Testing  in gas cylinder manufacturing Facility – Food preparation in a Cafeteria Canteen  utility in London – Fabric Fabric Batch Control in Dying facility – Coding Data for computer input in a hospital – Coding Computer Sheets for a department store – Distribution Center for Women’s Magazine in preparation for newsagents and other sales – Received training at British Aircraft Corporation in General Machining and Production Techniques – Bolts manufacturer where Turning and Milling utilized in the production of Bolts, Nuts and Dowels, of various sizes for Industry – National Newspaper and Magazine rounds for a local newsagent – Web Design – Blood Pressure Monitoring – Body Temperature Measurement – Sugar Level Monitoring for diabetes – CPR – Garden Metal Shed Assembly. Integrated Circuitry.

Insight into Mental Health, Resolve and Well Being *1985-Present

The global priority changes and hence the health issue with humanity living longer and new health challenges coming to light which simply were not there only 30 years ago. New and sometimes controversial medical treatments deployed with a compulsory demeanor by the NHS, where very little of the patient’s view is taken aboard in instigating a treatment

The shying away from the health services and providing of the Real Private Care is evidently required since issues in this domain are growing at an alarming rate. The involvement of family friends are sometimes the patient themselves can seek out help and provide the early counselling that is much required. Speedy recovery is of vast importance. The intent by the NHS to stigmatize the patient medical history is extremely stressful for any patient.

I have developed a niche in the care taking of patients from a view point of much involvement with such health issues in the last decade. My own Physical and Mental Health coming to the forefront has me engaged in the well being of Mental Health Issues. A change as immense as it is goes to really say priorities can change and a pointer for the better as many in communities are asking for such evolve and action to be taken.

I have come across many doctors and those sometimes not from the conventional medical fields doing a great job with treatment and therapy and with many happy patients and customers to there name.