The ‘Big Picture’ or nothing at all!

Long awaited rise of India.

for the question of the chicken and the egg. A time in everyone’s life to apply the popular theme everyone get to know the meaning of. Mine is as follows. Christine Aguilera or my X GP from Malton Medical Centre. The theme of lacking originality in treatment and reporting.

The Big Picture Analogy

The ‘big picture analogy’ can be applied to a dictorial state where a democracy is able to cater for such an analogy with secularism etc. And where such attributes of a democracy are unheard of in dictorial state.

Sept 11

9/11 in a nutshell should a situation of anarchy be reversed and the population realises this the case such reaction as  in Manhatten can prevail. This is to my mind or anyone’s with any level of education  can only be the reason for such an event. An example of such is when a bank steals money from a bank account.