CIBC and Shell response required.

The man possesses expertise in industrial engineering mathematical modelling, quality and IT. Such that motives and the intents can be established with intellectual assumptions based upon techniques derived from the technical experience base.

As such when the CIBC had acted on stealing money from a newly opened bank account why was that how it had taken place. Fits of its bank is an institution or an establishment. The reference of imperial and an association with the title imperial oil where the man had spend a month in the design department. Either through spying or through illegal communication between the two institutions a phantom response to either establish a relationship between the two through the man or to simply extort money from a citizen. The criminal activity it is to extort money and if the former is true then of course both cases are an on going current and live phenomenon. The closure had to be by the initiator or there should be accountability. Shell and the CIBC are required to respond without further implications to the man. Even institutions are not and should not be acting against its own interests. I can understand and accept intellectual response.