Quality Assurance Associate

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The aspects of Quality Assurance Principles as applied to Manufacture of a product. This is in contrast to one of Service. The functional part of the two entities vary as in commerce, business and the service industries.


The principles of a manufacturing system within the confines of a Quality System where the relationship is a unique one where the control manifests itself to throughout the organization.


The kind of principles that are deeply embedded in the organization perpetrated by the role of the Personnel Management and where possible by employees.


The integrity of the final product is a direct link to the quality of incoming supplies and material from the suppliers. Better the supplies higher the quality of the final product. The insurance of the keeping this relationship adequate is highly beneficial.


The processing of the materiel which finally be the finished product is controlled by the Process  Control Procedures and should be organized and heavily documented.


The knowledge of the product and the end consumer are the warranty issues. The feedback from consumers is a methodology to maintain the integrity of the part in relationship to the end user. The intended use and the features and specification adherence.



The healthy medium promotes the growth and is well anticipated in the Economy.