7th April 2015

Posts can only be generated by silver and gold posts with out administrator approval except for moderation purposes. The bronze posts have to be submitted to admin through submission forms in Services. All posts become active on payment where proper privileges are then assigned. 

On the expiry of the ordered services where the post will removed except where information is of valuable nature to the community registered to this site. Manjit G. Site Admin.

13th April 2015

Further to our correspondence of 7th April 2015, it’s my pleasure to announce special changes to role allocations within Manjisco. They are as set out below. 
Our vision in Marketing Advertising Sales and a Passion in a Belief. A Belief which will endorse a goal for an open future where our new policy will allow all subscribers to achieve an elevated level within Manjisco. The new level and a new kind of a user will have access to the site where posts can be developed for publishing. Once the posts are ready for publishing a request can be made of the admin to publish the post or posts. 
There is no limit on the number of posts. The posts must be original materiel. The site admin will publish the posts upon the user selecting anyone of the packages and upon approval. The Silver and Gold packages will allow users to do a lot more on their own within the site. The Platinum package will allow an equivalent of the site admin and have complete control of the site. The complete access is only valid through the site admin. 
The idea is that the site gets continual improvement. The improvements in the direction of a lucrative business proposition for a great future in online and web business and design. When signing in into Manjisco you will have an elevated position from a subscriber to a contributor level and happy blogging. Manjit G. Site Admin.